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The FUA – Fundo Agroecológico works through donations in cash and rural properties.


With the amount collected, we bought properties in rural and peri-urban areas. Then we lease to farmers committed to sustainable production.


Monthly, we receive an amount from the leases that is intended to pay the expenses of the FUA and also generate cash for the purchase of the next rural property.


Percentage collected from the goal:  16.6%


cash donation

Cash donations are essential to maintain the activities of the FUA. They can be made at any time through the Benfeitoria platform or by bank transfer. Thank you so much for supporting our project..


Select your preferred monthly donation amount by clicking one of the buttons below. To donate other amounts, contact us at


Use the deposit details below and send the receipt to .

Account deposit: Banco Itaú, branch 0300, account 42995-8, CNPJ 25.138.190/0001-39


Donation of rural properties


If you are interested in donating rural properties to the FUA, write an email to and we will contact you.


All profits from the sale of products from the shop are used to purchase new rural properties. Help.

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