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what we do

The FUA – Fundo Agroecológico , acquires properties by purchase or donation, registers these lands on behalf of a non-profit association that makes lease agreements on fair terms with agroecological farmers. The farmer uses the land respecting the agreed terms. If there is a change in the farmer's plans or retirement, the land returns to the FUA and is redistributed to another farmer who is able to continue putting the property to good use.

o que fazemos?

who we are

We are FUA – Agroecological Fund . We acquire rural properties and guarantee their use. Destining the land for those who know how to produce. A model of safeguarding the land that is good for society, farmers and the planet, without abuse, without risk of purpose being diverted by market forces, inheritance and succession. The FUA guarantees fair working conditions for small farmers; land, water and food without poison for society, today and in the future. Thinking about the complete cycle of the chain: from soil to consumption.

Quem somos

why do we do

In Brazil, half of the productive area is occupied by only 1% of rural landowners, and only 2.3% of those who plant are small farmers. In other words: a lot of land for a few people. The FUA – Fundo Agroecológico  believes that it is time to rethink current land use models and that it is possible to ensure that land is preserved in terms of soil, water and diversity while generating work and income, today and in the future.



The FUA – Fundo Agroecológico works through donations in cash and rural properties. With the amount collected, we bought properties in rural and peri-urban areas. Then we lease to farmers committed to sustainable production. Monthly, we receive an amount from the leases that is intended to pay the expenses of the FUA and also generate cash for the purchase of the next rural property.



In Brazil, more than half of what goes to the population's table comes from family farming.

The FUA – Agroecological Fund, believes in a fair, sustainable agriculture that values the small farmer.

The FUA purchases and receives donations of properties for sustainable use through a fair tenancy relationship.

It is a long-term project, so that farmers of the present and the future, who know how to produce ecologically, can access the land forever.

We are FUA – Agroecological Fund.

Promoting the sustainable cycle and perpetuating responsible land ownership.



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